RS001E Laptop trolley / Height adjustable

Regular price $400.00

    Height Adjustable Laptop Trolley

Coriton  Adjustable Height Laptop Trolley with basket .

Is designed to mount various Laptops , and medical instruments with bottom mounted interface according to customers’ request. There is optional counter weight for better performance with heavier medical devices.

-Easy-Grip Push Handle and Mouse Holder (Optional)
  The anodized aluminum handle allows easier and more convenient mobility. 

  The Mouse Holder provide extra space and more convenient mobility. 

-Metal and plastic basket.
  Metal and plastic basket used to store medical equipment can simplify your daily work.

 The low-center-of-gravity design of 5-legged aluminum base with 2 brakes for     Adjustable Height Medical Roll Stand for Laptop with Grip Handle creates easier, more   stable mobility and reduce the risk of tipping.

- Stable Five-star Base-extra weight optional

- Unique Design

- High-end Medical wheels