RS001E IPAD Roll stand/ Height adjustable/ Light duty

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                 IPAD Roll stand

Adjustable Height Medical IPAD Roll Stand.

Coriton Adjustable Height IPAD Roll Stand with Grip Handle and basket .
Is designed to mount various IPADS  and medical instruments with bottom mounted interface according to customers’ request. There is optional counter weight for better performance with heavier medical devices.

- Easy-Grip Push Handle.
  The anodized aluminum handle allows easier and more convenient mobility.

- Metal and plastic basket.
  Metal and plastic basket used to store medical equipment can simplify your daily          work.

- IPAD holder.

  IPAD holder with 4 pedal grips more stable mobility and reduce the risk of tipping.

The low-center-of-gravity design of 5-legged aluminum base with brakes for adjustable height medical Roll Stand with Grip handle creates easier, more stable mobility and reduce the risk of tipping.


Model E..W.TB.RS001E-100
Load Capacity 7.5KG-18KG add extra weight
Angle of pitch Offer optional accessories which could adjust angle from 15° to 180°
Rotation Angle 360°
Trolley Size 580*580*1130cm
Adjustable Height 850-1130mm
Adjust Way Manual lift- gas spring optional
Material Aluminum alloy +Sheet metal
Installation Method Fixation by clamp
Package Size 78*63*21.5cm
Gross Weight 8.5KG
Certificates ISO9001/ISO13485/TUV CE/ROSH/FDA